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India is one of the most ideal destinations for foreign investors looking to set-up their
businesses in India or to open a branch office in India for a fact that there are infinite
business opportunities in India. India is blessed with a large labor pool and admirable
levels of judicial transparency. It can leverage its territorial position to play a critical role
in the global supply chains.
A foreign company can freely operate in India by registering a branch by obtaining
approval of the Reserve Bank of India through AD category 1 Banker and further
registration of the foreign company with the ROC. Such a branch office is treated as a
foreign entity and is subject to higher Income Tax @ 40%.
As a Branch Office (“BO”) in India, foreign companies can conduct full-fledged business
in India. BO can carry the same or substantially the same trading activities as carried
out by their parent companies or group companies.

However, the Branch Office is not allowed to directly conduct manufacturing activities
though it is permitted to sub-contract these services to an Indian manufacturer. Our
team of experts will ensure a smooth process flow in opening the Branch Office of
Foreign Entities in India.
MARCKS Network is a group of Intellectuals. The entire team consists of Highly
qualified CA, CS, Lawyers and business administrators. MARCKS Network would be a
one stop destination for establishing Branh Office in India.

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